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Have you recently typed in the main keyword that your customers would use to find your business or website to Google? If not why not, does your website appear on the first page of results? If not it should do as people rarely search second page of results when looking for a product or service online. Over 90% of Internet users find websites via a search engine which is where our SEO or services Leeds can help. Simply owning a website is not guarantee success in the form of transactions produced by that website. Implementing a strategic plan that has been customised to your own websites industry and requirements should be the first thing on your to-do list.

The Monday business world requires you to have a website to showcase your business online however once you have your new website to announce it to the world and also to attract new customers in the form of search engine traffic. These customers and this traffic should have found your website by using keywords or key phrases related to what you offer. This ensures targeted traffic is sent direct to your website with the aim of converting. Getting a first page listing can pay for itself fast purely by the amount of traffic it sends and the sales are conversions that traffic provides.

However getting first page listings requires attention to detail and painstaking tasks that all combine to have an effect. We can do all this for you and exactly what is required to get that first page listing. We work with you not for you to provide the service and like to forge long-lasting relationships and partnerships in the working world especially around the Leeds area however we do also work with clients based open country and nationwide. Selecting the right keywords is vital to the success of your strategy as there’s no point in targeting keywords which are only searched a few times per month, you need to go after first page listings for keywords that are searched hundreds or even thousands of times a month to make it worthwhile. We can help with this by doing reports of keyword search volumes so you can easily choose which keywords to target. Our SEO services Leeds can help your website appear in front of your competition for the keywords you choose.

Whilst it does take weeks or months to gain those listings once achieved the end result is free traffic 24 hours a day every day of the year based around your website’s product or service. If you used sponsored links to buy the traffic you would pay thousands of pounds per month so you can see why it’s worth investing in a long-term strategy to gain rankings. You may be a business but only wants to target local customers and we can help you do this equally if you provide your business or service nationwide then we can also create a strategy for this too. We can help you with all the content on your website including content writing to target your chosen key phrases.

You may be  in an industry that is highly competitive such as loans or insurance in which case we can advise on targeting longtail keywords to give you a better chance of getting first page positions. We are honest in our approach and if the keywords you choose are simply too difficult to rank for due to the industry they are in  and the competition then we will advise you accordingly. This industry changes each week as Google changes the way it ranks websites and we keep up-to-date with all of this so we can pass on this knowledge to yourself so you can make any decisions knowing you have the correct information at hand.

Working  with us when you need SEO services Leeds means you get a personal service and we will do our very best to help improve your business. There is even a free report you can request that shows the state of play of your website’s back-end including coding, speed and search engine friendliness as well as the rankings of the keywords you choose.