Why advertise online?

Confused about online marketing and advertising. Watch our new explainer video which will give you a quick brief of what options you have available to you. We work with you not for you to improve your online performance and make sure you are using the correct and appropriate channels that your business requires.

We have experience with online forums, communities, sponsorship, social media marketing, pay per click, search engine optimisation and more. The internet is truly an exciting place and one that can help a business grow if the right strategy is put into action. Our services can be for any sized business in any industry, we offer internet consultancy at an affordable price and as an outsider looking in we see your website as your potential clients and customers do so we can improve matters and see things clearly from a 3^rd person perspective.

What is pay per click?

A successful pay-per-click advertising campaign brings excellent business returns & brand awareness of your product or services. It is suitable for any business in any industry. A pay per click campaign provides you with targeted traffic & allows you to only spend your budget on clicks from people searching for your product or service. 

We can set up PPC accounts on all of the major pay per click networks, through these you can reach over 95% of all UK internet traffic, you can even appear worldwide should your product or service reach that far,  all countries can be reached via PPC. We research your website & make sure you’re covered in all areas that reflect your business, so only people searching for your product or service will click to your website.

What is SEO?

Most users of search engines only click on the first 2-3 pages, if your website is not listed on the first 3 pages then you’re losing out on free traffic (visitors) to your website.

A search engine optimisation campaign is essential to ensure your website appears in search engine results & receives targeted traffic, good rankings mean free advertising 24 hours a day. We have 12 years experience in search engine optimisation (SEO)  & just as importantly we only use safe methods that won’t get you banned or penalized by the search engines as some companies may do to get fast results. We care about your websites performance long term not just for now. We provide SEO Leeds.