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So you have your new website what now? Where is the traffic, why is nobody buying your product or service? As a SEO company Leeds we can help with this. Merely having a website does not guarantee sales, enquiries or conversions. If people can’t find you online how can  they purchase what you are offering. We can help you make your site appear in Google, Yahoo and Bing amongst many other search engines. Each of your pages on your website has the potential to rank for your chosen keyword providing you with free advertising.

Achieving this free advertising is an accumulation of many smaller factors that when combined inform Google of what your website is about. There are many factors contribute to good free rankings and we can implement all of these for you. With creative content writing, keyword research and on-site evaluation we can prepare a plan of action to achieve good rankings for the keywords or phrases your potential customers use when looking for the product or service that you provide.

The quality of traffic would be substantially higher when the rankings are achieved for exact keywords for your business. You can attract anyone in the world to your website. The potential is endless to your business. Search engines crawl your site and base your ranking on the information they find. How far up you rank and on what page is determined by  various factors, we can help with these.

If your website appears on the 3rd page onwards of the search results then you are missing out on valuable free traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are also various off-site factors that affect your ranking and again we can help with these. Google changes the way it ranks sites often and we keep up with these changes and advise accordingly so you keep the rankings you have achieved.

Before we start any work we work with you to agree on which keywords or phrases to target, making sure there is sufficient search volume behind each one. There’s no point spending time and money ranking for a keyword  that only gets 25 searches a month. That is how the rankings you appear more traffic received, sorry but should be the more free traffic you will receive.

Right now most of your direct competitors working on their online rankings knowing the benefits first or second page listing can bring. As an SEO company Leeds we know the benefits can be long-term. High quality content combined with a strategic online site plan all go together to help your business achieve rankings. We can even advise making a customer’s journey a simpler one once there on your website.

See if we can help you today by putting together tailored plan for your business. We can even provide an initial three report on positions your website is placed at present for the keywords you wish to rank for our think you rank for.

Get in touch today with those the SEO company Leeds for a free informal chat and see how we can help you.