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PPC Leeds

Many online business owners become frustrated at the lack of business generated by their website. Being a local company we can provide PPC Leeds to any business. Offering bespoke and individually customised plans that suit any business in any industry and any size. What might be an effective plan for one business may not be suitable for another. This is why we like to get to know your business closely so we can clearly see what your requirements are.

We then develop a highly effective and targeted campaign that we implement onto your website to provide optimised on-site content. This content is based around a list of keywords or key phrases recompile in accordance with the website owner so we target the most relevant keywords that have ample search volume behind them. There’s no point in wasting time, effort and money in gaining rankings for keywords but only have minimal searches per month.

This is why PPC Leeds is valuable to your businesses success when you rely on online transactions such as conversions, sales or enquiries. Targeting local phrases means you can reach out to your immediate customer base around your area. Allowing you to add that personal touch to your service by means of face-to-face meetings or regular contact with your clients. More and more businesses are realising the benefits of working with a local company rather than a company hundreds of miles away. Business owners feel they have more control over the services they are receiving when working with a local company.

Being based close to Leeds allows us to provide a high-level local service when you need PPC Leeds. You were direct with myself and not a third party account handler with no experience in what is required. You can contact me anytime including evenings and weekends with any queries on your account or any questions on the reports you will receive. Initially to start with we will send you a report on your rankings for the keywords you feel you are best suited to. We can also advise on these keywords and give you search volume so you can see if it’s worthwhile working on achieving the rankings for said keyword.

This report is free we need is the website address and a list of 10 example keywords you feel best represent your business and what your customers would typing to the search box when searching for your product or service. We can also advise on any errors your website may have which will affect the rankings search engines assign to your website. This comes in a free report you can request today.

Should you then wish to go ahead with any of our services we can advise on the best course of action tailored to your individual business requirements. We do not provide one generic plan as each business is unique and so should its marketing plan be.

Creating highly effective campaigns require meticulous attention to detail to make sure the person who clicks on the advert gets taken to exactly where they need to be in your website thus reducing wasting click costs and losing business. We include full A/B testing with adcopy to trial new techniques and ways to attract you new  business.

Thanks to PPC Leeds you could have an instant online presence with your targeted keywords within hours on all the major search engines. You control the budget, the landing pages, the keywords you bid on and all other aspects of the account including bid spend and deliver budget.

City contact us today for your PPC Leeds requirements.