Walk before you run when it comes to your PPC campaign.

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Too many companies are quick to jump on the PPC bandwagon, create a campaign and throw valuable money at it. Trying to run before they can walk. Then a week later when results haven’t quite come in become puzzled.
Fact is PPC can quickly spend your money, use of exact or phrase match and negative keywords should all be used from day one. Avoid using broad match to begin with until your negative keyword list is substantial.
Always use the search term report to see what people are really typing in to find your advert. From here you can compile a list of negative keywords. Create a new report each week, even twice a week to build up the keyword list.
Always use A/B testing for adcopy in your PPC campaign and if you can then include any product prices in this. If people know how much you charge or cost before clicking on your advert they can look elsewhere if they can’t afford it.
Also make sure you target the country and people in your country, not just people searching for items in your country, unless of course it’s travel related and say someone from New York is seeking a hotel in London.
Moral of the story is learn to walk before you run when it comes to PPC. You can burn your budget fast and have no results to show for it.
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