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What is BBC advertising? This is a method used online in search engines because the entire Internet were an advertiser is charged when an advert they set up is clicked on. The cost of the click on depends on the budget set by the account holder. As we are a PPC agency Leeds we are in a position to manage all of this for you ensuring you get the best possible return for your budget. Adverts appear at the top of Google results taken a prominent position standing out against all of the results. Your advert competes against other companies in your industry and position it is placed in all depends on the amount you set to bid for and other factors such as the landing page and the quality score all of which we can help and advise you with.

You might wonder if only being number one in the positions is the place to be, this is not the case as people click on the adverts far lower down the page as well meaning you can gain access to the traffic in your industry for a reasonable price given your presence instantly online. So how do you choose the keywords to bid for? This is where we can help, we compile reports of the keywords in your industry and can even tell you how many searches per month the receive so you know what keywords and phrases to target when we set up your campaign. There are various tools in the industry that help us  compile these keyword lists and this is sent as a report. We work with you to get to know your business and the industry you are in so we can advise accordingly and such a highly targeted campaigns. We can even advise if you need to make amendments or changes to your website or landing pages to help encourage conversions, sales or leads. All this is included in our service of which you will find are very affordable to all businesses large and small. There will be hundreds of websites competing in your industry meaning should you not have a professional marketing campaign set up you will be missing out. Dependent on the size of the campaigns and the industry you could be online within 24 hours with a targeted plan, fully controllable and generating traffic directed to your website straightaway.

The minimum bid starts at 1p and can be as high as you wish dependent on where you want to appear in the positions when compared against your competitors. You can set a limit to your budget so you never spend more than you need to and we provide full testing on all your adverts on an ongoing basis to continuously improve the performance and make the most from your budget. Outsourcing somebody to manage all this allows you to concentrate on running your business and the day-to-day tasks involved with this whilst you know your budget and marketing is in safe hands.

ppc agency leedsYou can set daily budgets and budget limits so you never spend more than you want. We can help work with you to improve quality score is several factors within an account that when combined equals the score and rating of your adverts and this affects the position you are placed in on the live search results. We can help you with this as a PPC agency Leeds we have the experience, knowledge and know-how to provide a full and professional service that provides you with all you need to have an online presence. Sometimes you don’t have the time to manage or learn the skill required for this which is where we can help. We will be glad to explain every step of the way what we are doing and how it works and affects your campaign so you learn and understand the full procedures involved.

Open the door to other possibilities of targeted traffic can do for your website and business and realise the full potential of your website. Using conversion tracking we can also measure the success of the campaigns allowing us to fully manage the entire account knowing where it’s working well and improving where it’s not working so well. To contact us today click on the link in the footer or menu or fill in the form and we will be glad to have an informal chat anytime on how we can help your business grow using our expertise as a PPC agency Leeds.