Leeds SEO Agency

So now you have your fully mobile responsive and fast website which provides clear and precise information on the service or product you provide what now? As a Leeds SEO agency we can advise on your next plan of action taking your website and business to the next level. Simply owning a well performing website in terms of speed, loading time and customer journey experience does not guarantee it will generate business. After all with no traffic coming to your website no business will follow.

Appearing on the first page of search engine and to a lesser extent the second page means your potential customers can easily find you were searching for what you provide. Appearing on any pages lower down means you will not be seen, which equals missing out on free and valuable traffic to your business. Selecting what keywords to target as part of service and we can advise on this after we got to know your website and the business you are involved with. After all we need to know your business before we can advise on the correct strategy for obtaining good rankings to bring in the traffic you require.

An effective plan should consider all factors of an online business including industry, target customers, prices, geographical locations and competition. Finding niche keywords which can be obtainable and not too competitive provide search volume is all part of what we provide. The keywords you think you will need to rank for may actually not have much search volume behind them between the waste of your budget trying to rank on the first page for those keywords. We can tell you what the search volume is for your keywords and also for new keyword or new phrases relevant to your business.

Before we start it’s always good to have a yardstick to measure results in this comes in the form of a report in your present rankings for all the keywords agreed upon. This report is free and gives as a starting point to compare all future rankings. We also advise on ways to improve the customer journey once they are on your website after all you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink and this applies to websites and traffic. There could be some small changes of tweaks to your website to improve the customer experience and to make sure they find exactly what they are seeking within just a few clicks.

Being local to Leeds means we can provide you with the Leeds SEO agency that you require. We offer affordable packages individually tailored to each client. Our philosophy of we work with you not for you means we work side-by-side in achieving your business goals. We pride ourselves on our personal and professional service and this includes out of office hours support should you require it, after all the Internet open nine while five so we like to feel we can be flexible too.

We use a range of strategies with various techniques and tactics that when combined increases the amount of traffic to your website by placing said website on the first page of the major search engines. 90% of searches only view the first two pages of results with a large percent of those on the viewing the first page. Hence why you can see obtaining a first page position is back to your business after all this is free advertising so long as the position is kept.

Free organic traffic is usually the most converting due to the instant nature of the search meaning if the customer is searching there is a good chance the customer is buying or looking to buy as well. We understand all this could be confusing which is why we offer the free report and rents any questions you may have to help with the confusion. You can always ask us any questions by email, Skype or phone we are here to help.

Work with a Leeds SEO agency that will treat your business as if it was our own. Call us today for a free informal chat or to  request your report.