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Confused about why your website is not receiving traffic? Are you frustrated by your new website does not generate any sales or leads, and enquiries. There are two main options when looking to advertise online. Let’s talk about the first option which is a Leeds PPC agency we are in a good position to help. You might have heard about PPC and you are curious to find out more or you already know and want to find a suitable company to manage your online affairs. We can help you set up targeted campaigns that will bring relevant traffic to your website.

When we create a campaign we do so only after evaluating your website and business and making sure that we have enough knowledge of what you require to put the plan into action. We like to take that walk before you run approach so as not to waste your budget and only when we feel the camping is ready do we go live. This cautious approach has proved effective in the past on previous clients when providing services as a Leeds PPC agency. Some of our clients are nationwide and spread throughout the UK not just in the immediate area here in West Yorkshire. Essentially what this product can do is it allows you to purchase targeted traffic that includes people looking for the product or service you provide.

Your new campaign can be live within 24 hours meaning your business can take prominence on Google and other major UK search engines immediately and for the keywords and phrases that best reflect your business. This form of advertising is one of the most popular online due to the nature of it being as targeted as you would like it. We can help with all the features of this type of advertising with constant trials and amendments to improve the campaign. We move the budget where the campaigns are working and away from the sections that are not converting. We send you regular updates and reports and also liaise with yourself should you wish to advertise any new offers or deals that you provide. How it works is every time somebody clicks on your advert you are charged a small amount however the more you bid high up the positions you will be.

social-icons-googleWe have experience of working in most industries and can even offer a free £90 worth of clicks in the second month of your campaign thanks to our direct relationship with Google and the vouchers they provide us. Building a winning campaign requires intensive analytics and crunching the numbers looking at where it’s performing and where it’s not. We can take care of all of this for you for a small monthly fee based on your spend. Our service as a Leeds PPC agency includes full keyword research to make sure you will spend your budget on the clicks likely to bring in new customers. Relevant and targeted key words or phrases play a big part in the success. We can manage, add and amend every aspect of your campaign for you allowing you to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

Leeds PPC Agency

Our campaigns are always created in structured formats that best reflect your websites structure allowing the user to find what they want with the least amount of clicks as possible to reduce the bounce rate of the customer, this keeps them on your website longer which in turn leads to more sales or conversions. We constantly analyse every aspect of your account finding areas that can be improved and also new avenues target be it keywords or ad copy or landing page links.

This is just one part of the service we provide so feel free to contact us anytime to discuss this service and all the other options you have as a website owner when you’re looking to improve the performance of your website. Why not contact us today for an informal chat and see how we could help you when you need Leeds PPC agency to work with.